The Ericho Difference

Ericho PR utilizes storytelling from strategic planning through campaign implementation to open new market possibilities and create effective channels to communicate any message to any audience and ultimately elevate your image.


Immersion, Strategy, Implementation

The Ericho Difference blends the precision, power, and control of advertising with the credibility found in traditional public relations. The result is a hybrid form of marketing that maintains an unparalleled ability to reach and motivate each member of our clients' target audiences, as a sales generating tool with unlimited potential.


Thorough Immersion and Hands-on Research


We begin by immersing ourselves in our clients' businesses, searching out every aspect that might be converted into profit-generating public relations campaigns. This research process, the communications audit, identifies hidden opportunities, pinpoints trouble spots, and provides an arsenal of information as well as a solid foundation to take the public relations effort to a new level.



Comprehensive communications strategy


By the time we complete the communications audit, we are no longer the outside agency, we are our clients' marketing partners. At this point, we create an action plan that prioritizes promotable assets, identifies key targets, and shows how to connect the two making a road map linking marketing needs to marketing goals.



Turning strategy into reality


Ericho's marketing-driven approach produces standout strategic launches and events for everything from new products and fundraisers to retail promotions and news announcements. Our launches cut through the clutter and communicate clear commercial messages, entice participation and secure media interest. 



Seizing every opportunity


Where others see crises, Ericho sees invaluable storytelling opportunities. Ericho's crisis plans provide a detailed blueprint for crisis management and prevention. The process includes analyzing points of vulnerability, identifying core emotional issues, applying in-depth research, and presenting case studies that demonstrate how other organizations have coped with similar issues. Ericho uses its team's unique expertise and creative insight to turn any crisis into an opportunity.