Client Roster


Ericho Communications is proud to work with forward-thinking, innovating brands pushing the limits in a variety of verticals. Below is a list of some of our current and past clients.


We Deliver for our clients
but don't take our word for it


William Agee, Global Marketing Ikea

Eric is one of the really clever people in public relations. He is always on trend, understands his brands, and consistently pushes clients toward truly different and unusual solutions. Working with IKEA US in the days when was on the fringes of consumer awareness, Eric and his colleagues helped to make it the big, successful brand it is today.

Pamela Diaconis, Public Relations Director IKEA

Eric is an enthusiastic and tireless advocate who never drops the ball. I had the pleasure of working with him while I was PR Director at IKEA in the mid-1990s when we were first getting established in the U.S. He and his team were instrumental in making IKEA a household name in this country. Eric always has his clients' best interests at heart and does whatever it takes to accomplish their objectives. He is one of a handful of people I have worked with during my career who understands the give-and-take of the true concept of partnership – during good times as well as bad. I could not recommend him more highly.

Janice Simonsen, Senior PR Specialist Ikea

Eric was instrumental in helping IKEA learn the world of PR, a relatively new discipline for the company at that time. His expertise really helped IKEA become well known for clever, creative, "buzz worthy" events and communications.

Bill Bartmann, founder and CEO CFS2

Eric has handled my public relations and media exposure for the last seven years. When I engaged Eric, I set the bar very high. I told him that I wanted one "major media" exposure each week. Yes, that means 52 media exposures a year.

Seven years later, Eric has produced beyond even my expectations. In the last two weeks I have been on Fox three times (Cavuto twice, Varney once), and interviewed by WSJ, NYT, WAPO, Reuters and Bloomberg.

Eric delivers!



Jeff Zimman, Chairman Posit science

When we were selecting a new PR firm, there was a cloud over our nascent industry (i.e, brain training), because our competitors had no science to back up their claims. Eric stood out among those we interviewed to help with PR for his strategic thinking and intelligence. 

Within six months, that cloud was pierced by many rays of light, and we had differentiated our positioning from the rest of the industry.

We got great coverage (e.g. Today Show, NBC Nightly News, CBS This Morning, Dr Oz, WSJ, USAToday, etc). More importantly, we had a continuous dialog to refine strategy and act on opportunities.

Tom Caporaso, CEO Clarus Commerce

Eric has been such a great partner for me personally and for our overall business at Clarus. He has the strategic know how and experience to work with us to make sure the most effective message is shared with the right audience, be that consumer or business. The team that he built at Ericho is unbelievably responsive and truly an extension of our marketing and product teams.



Mark DiMassimo, CEO DiMassimo Goldstein

I don't use the world "genius" often or lightly, nor do I tend to apply it to the living or people I know. Eric is a PR genius. I've worked with many of the top PR firms, and many of the smartest people in the business, but working with Eric is an entirely different level, another category, and the only word that seems to fit is "genius."

To try to put this simply, over the nearly fifteen years I've worked with him, often as client, increasingly as partner, he has had a perfect radar for what will work, and amazingly effective execution. I have seen him make fortunes for clients, one after another, and I have seen him take down Goliaths, at least a few pegs. As someone who loves ideas that have an impact, working with Eric has been one of the greatest pleasures of my career. And judged purely by the results, the collaboration looks even better.


Lee Goldstein, President DiMassimo Goldstein

If you want your brand to get noticed, you want Eric and his team on your side. You can't call Eric a PR guy, that wouldn't do what he does justice. He's an idea guy and he gets results. I've worked with countless PR firms that talk the talk without walking it. Eric does what he says he can do and always delivers more than you expect. I've hired him and I've recommended him to clients. He is an invaluable resource and partner.

Mina Behar, Public relations Manager H&M

I had the privilege of receiving media training from Eric during my time at H&M when Jericho Communications was the PR Firm. Eric was an amazing instructor and helped me develop into a television pro, doing 2-3 morning news segments in different cities in one week! Eric and his team always had fresh and innovative ideas for H&M's store openings and other press events. I highly reccomend him for your public relations and media training needs!