Beyond Public Relations

Founded by award-winning public relations expert, 35-year industry veteran, and PR for Dummies author Eric Yaverbaum, Ericho Communications is an NYC-based multi-faceted PR and communications agency with a reputation for its unique expertise in strategic media relations, crisis communications, and media training.


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CUSTOM STRATEGIES for Increased Results

For public relations to drive your sales, revenue and profits, it must be able to achieve constant exposure. It must become a continual avenue of communications to your audience that appeals to their core emotions on many planes, and adapts to their changing wants, needs and circumstance, without ever losing "touch" or salience.


Through our work with clients like the "Juiceman," Wunderman, Cato, and Johnson Advertising (the premier international direct response advertising agency), Ericho has pioneered new ways to integrate direct response and public relations. We introduced direct response public relations in the early 80's, and developed public relations tactics that have dramatically increased the results of infomercials, short-form direct response, direct mail campaigns, and e-commerce.


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a Smarter Message

Ericho has completely altered the possibilities of what can be achieved through media relations. We saturate the media with client messages by starting with more compelling concepts, following through with smarter materials, and working harder to secure every possible placement. 


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