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  America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009: If you Can't Read it, You Can't Pass It
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PenguinProse wrote:
Oh, this is rich. We know Members of Congress don't write the bills, and now the WaPo tells us lawmakers can't possibly be bothered with reading what someone else WROTE FOR THEM.

Who, might I ask, then--sirs and madams of the esteemed Editorial Board--is in power in Washington, DC?

dchambers21704 wrote:
The U.S. Constitution has fewer than 5,000 words. I can read it, with care, in less than an hour.

Less is more. Unfortunately, members of Congress don't believe in such concepts. To them, more is better. Especially if "more" comes before "money."

We don't elect professional staff to represent us. We elect members of Congress. If they can't read and understand the bills they are voting on, they are doing too much.

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09.21.09 UPDATE: ReadToVote.Org gains momentum as over 50,000 POTENTIAL VOTERS sign pledge to read the healthcare or cap and trade bill before debating soundbites
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09.09.09 Eric Yaverbaum, co-founder of, on MSNBC with Contessa Brewer


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