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08.17.14 Tormented by debt collectors? Here's how to fight back (St. Louis Post Dispatch) -Read Article
08.15.14 Tormented by debt collectors? Fight back (Dallas News) -Read Article
08.15.14 Tormented by debt collectors? Fight back (Sun Sentinel) -Read Article
08.11.14 Tormented by debt collectors? Fight back (The Daily Item) -Read Article
08.10.14 Tormented by debt collectors? Fight back (Times Record) -Read Article
08.07.14 Tormented by debt collectors? Fight back (Chicago Tribune) -Read Article
07.22.14 How to Succeed After Failing in Business (American Express Open Forum) -Read Article
06.03.14 A Debt-Collection Solution That Everyone Can Get Behind (American Banker) -Read Article
06.02.14 Why Nonprofits Should Be in the Debt Collection Business (The Street) -Read Article
05.21.14 "Bouncing Back" --- A New Autobiography from Bill Bartmann, a Kinder and Gentler Debt Collector (KWGS, Public Radio Tulsa) -Listen
04.18.14 Requiem for the Great Recession (The Hill) -Read Article
04.08.14 5 Steps to Backing Away From Bankruptcy (The Street) -Read Article
03.24.14 Why You Can't Hide From Debt Collectors (ABC News) -Watch Video
03.21.14 Why You Can't Hide From Debt Collectors (Yahoo Finance) -Read Article
03.19.14 Protecting Yourself From Predatory Lenders (Jean Chatzky) -Read Article
03.03.14 Bankruptcy Blues (Financial Advisor Magazine) -Read Article
02.28.14 How successful leaders keep bouncing back (Process Excellence Network) -Read Article
02.21.14 Bert Martinez joined by Bill Bartman, Tom Hopkins, and guests (Blog Talk Radio) -Listen To Podcast
02.06.14 CFS2 Earns Gold-Level "Friend of the Consumer" Award (Market Wired) -Read Article
01.27.14 Study: Most bankruptcy due to lawsuits, not debt level (CBS) -Read Article
01.31.14 National Debt Collection Reform Will Dun Banks for Third-Party Actions (Banking New England) -Read Article
01.22.14 Reasons for Bankruptcies? They're Not What You Think (The Street) -Read Article
01.19.14 Be A Leader In Your Industry: Help Others (Forbes) -Read Article
01.16.14 Bill Bartmann interview on Money For Lunch -Listen to Interview
12.31.13 Coach's Corner: Bill Bartmann on Second Chances


12.20.13 Debt (BBC World Service) -Watch Video
11.07.13 A bill collector who brings people hope (This Gives Me Hope) -Read Article
11.07.13 CFS2 earns top slot on Tulsa’s Fast 40 list (The Journal Record) -Read Article
11.06.13 CFPB targets debt collection (Bankrate) -Read Article
10.21.13 How will unpaid medical bills hurt credit? (Bankrate) -Read Article
10.16.13 How Medical Debt Affects Your Credit Score (Fox Business News) -Read Article
10.14.13 Financial Relief Arrives for Federal Employees Suffering From Congressional Inaction (Yahoo Finance) -Read Article
10.14.13 Financial Relief Arrives for Federal Employees Suffering From Congressional Inaction (The Wall Street Journal) -Read Article
10.12.13 Robo-signing is over. But robo-suing is growing. (The Christian Science Monitor) -Read Article
10.08.13 Bill Bartmann on Los Angeles KFWB-AM Radio with host Bob McCormick and special guest Liz Weston -Listen to Podcast
10.04.13 Debt collector CFS2 thrives with simple strategy: kindness


10.01.13 Proud To be A Janitor's Son (Loras College Magazine) -Download PDF
08.26.13 Debt Collectors Should Use Pleasure, Not Pain (Harvard Business Review) -Read Article
08.16.13 The Debt Collection Company that Helps You Get a Job (Bloomberg) -Read Article
08.16.13 The Debt Collection Company that Helps You Get a Job (Harvard Business Review) -Read Article
07.12.13 CFPB’s warning adds to banks’ legal exposure for debt collection (Reuters Legal) -Download PDF
05.19.13 Professional, personal lives can't be separated, 'Reputation Doctor' says to members of Oklahoma business group (NewsOK) -Read Article
05.10.13 Chase sued over debt collection ( -Read Article
04.29.13 Unresolved credit disputes can get messy (Fox Business) -Read Article
04.29.13 Unresolved credit disputes can get messy ( -Read Article
04.24.13 7 Millionaires Who Lost It All, but Came Back (Kiplinger) -Read Article
04.19.13 Consumer Group Lauds Debt Collection Firm (Credit Union Times) -Read Article
04.12.13 Stand Up for Consumers (Huffington Post) -Read Article
04.02.13 How CFPB Exams Will Change the Debt Collection Industry (American Banker) -Read Article
03.26.13 How to Avoid Debt Collectors on Facebook (The Street) -Read Article
03.19.13 Cordray wins party-line approval in DC as consumer leader lauds his leadership ( -Read Article
03.11.13 5 Reasons Why Republicans Should Confirm Richard Cordray as CFPB Director (Huffington Post) -Read Article
01.31.13 Consumers Need Cordray Confirmed (Huffington Post) -Read Article
01.09.13 Times Are Tough for Many Consumers (Huffington Post) -Read Article
11.02.12 Impose a moratorium on debt collection lawsuits (The Christian Science Monitor) -Read Article
10.15.12 Six Common Errors on Your Credit Report (Fox Business) -Read Article
10.15.12 When should you dispute credit report? (BankRate) -Read Article
10.12.12 Financial Watchdog Braces for Election (Fox Business) -Read Article
10.12.12 CFPB's existence at stake in election (BankRate) -Read Article
09.19.12 Debt Collectors May Seek You Out Via Facebook (US News & World Report) -Read Report
09.16.12 Politicians at top of game when it comes to kicking the can (Chicago Tribune) -Read Article
08.30.12 300 Million Reasons to Love the CFPB (The Street) -Read Article
08.16.12 Debt collectors: Why are they so abusive? (Christian Science Monitor) -Read Article
08.14.12 How to fight robo-debt collectors (CBS Money Watch) -Read Article
08.12.12 A debt collector talks CFPB (Bank Rate) -Read Article
07.25.12 Does Dodd-Frank need a tune up? (TBD) -Read Article
07.20.12 High Point won’t join battle for call center (News & Record) -Read Article
07.19.12 No bidding war, High Point says (News & Record) -Read Article
07.19.12 Triad cities compete for call center (News & Record) -Read Article
07.17.12 Triad Cities Work Together To Attract Jobs (WFMY News) -Watch Video
07.10.12 Committee makes no recommendation on incentives for call center in Winston-Salem (The Business Journal) -Read Article
07.09.12 Winston-Salem mulls incentives for CFS II (Charlotte Business Journal) -Read Article
07.06.12 $500K incentive deal proposed to lure 2,000 jobs to Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem Journal) -Read Article
06.13.12 What to Do When a Debt Collector Threatens to Sue You (Huffington Post) -Read Article
06.04.12 How to Turn Delinquent Credit Card Debt Into Debt-Collector Gold (Huffington Post) -Read Article
06.01.12 CFS II considering Ohio for collections call center (Columbus Business First) -Read Article
05.18.12 N.C. rules a model for debt-collection company (The Business Journal) -Read Article
05.16.12 Bartmann's Collection Firm Scouts N.C. Sites for Call Center (American Banker) -Read Article
05.16.12 Winston-Salem among N.C. cities competing for debt-collection call center (Bloomberg Business Week) -Read Article
05.16.12 Europe's Hidden Lesson for the US Presidential Candidates (Huffington Post) -Read Article
05.16.12 FDNY Succeeding in Attracting Minorities, but They Need to Know How to Prepare (ere,net) -Read Article
05.16.12 Company visits site of possible call center ( -Watch Video
05.16.12 Call center could bring 2,000 jobs to Charlotte Read (Charlotte Observer) -Read Article
05.15.12 Consumer Financial II scouting Charlotte for call-center site (Charlotte Business Journal) -Read Article
05.15.12 Winston-Salem among N.C. cities competing for debt-collection call center (Winston-Salem Journal) -Read Article
05.15.12 Company considers High Point location (The High Point Enterprise) -Read Article
05.15.12 Thousands of jobs to the Triad? (WXII12.COM) -Watch Video
05.15.12 Triad being scouted for call center that could employ up to 2,000 (The Business Journal) -Read Article
05.15.12 Company wants to open NC call center, create 2,000 jobs ( -Watch Video
05.15.12 Debt collection agency looking at High Point for expansion (News 14 Carolina) -Watch Video
05.15.12 Triad might get call center (News Record) -Read Article
05.15.12 CEO takes open approach in search for call center (The Business Journal) -Read Article
03.29.12 A Candy Store for Criminals: The Debt-Collection Business (Huffington Post)
-Read Article
03.28.12 FTC Stops Robocaller That Made 2.6 Billion Calls Selling Bogus Car Warranties, Interest Reduction Plans (Huffington Post) -Read Article
03.26.12 Make the Decision Making Process A Combined Effort ( -Read Article
03.26.12 How to Talk to a Debt Collector (The Street) -Read Article
03.21.12 It's Time for a "Regulatory Cocktail" Against Unethical Debt Collectors (Huffington Post) -Read Article
03.19.12 California Tells Debt Buyers to "Prove It" (Huffington Post) -Read Article
03.15.12  Bill Bartmann, CEO of CFS II, discusses the Bartmann Bill on The StreetTV


03.13.12 Out of Obscurity, Stress Tests Go Mainstream (Fox Business) -Read Article
03.07.12 Make My Phone Stop Ringing and You Just Might End Up in the White House! (Huffington Post) -Read Article
02.28.12 In debt? This presidential election might be extra special for you (Deseret News) -Read Article
02.28.12 The Other Sort of Domestic Abuse (Huffington Post) -Read Article
02.27.12 Debt, Baby, Debt: America's Newest Voting Bloc: A growing number of Americans are unable to pay their bills, and it may affect how they vote. (Chicago Tribune) -Read Article
02.24.12 Debt, Baby, Debt: America's Newest Voting Bloc (U.S. News and World Report) -Read Article
02.23.12 More on Robo-Signing by Debt Collectors to Win Credit Card Lawsuits (Credt Card Debt Relief) -Read Article
02.22.12 A New Kind of Killer App: RoboSigning 2.0 (Wopular) -Read Article
02.22.12 A New Kind of Killer App: RoboSigning 2.0 (Huffington Post) -Read Article
02.17.12 Feds, states cracking down on debt-collectors (CBS Money Watch) -Read Article
02.16.12 Regulator targets credit reporting firms and debt collectors (L.A. Times) -Read Article (This article was syndicated to numerous newspapers around the county)
01.29.12 Check law before old debt paid ( -Read Article
01.22.12 Don't repay expired credit card debt (Poughkeepsie Journal) -Read Article
01.19.12 Collection company scouts Nevada for call center (Daily Sparks Tribune) -Read Article
01.19.12 Voice of The Southern: Illinois, get out of private debt collection (The Southern) -Read Article
01.19.12 Is debtors’ prison making a comeback in Illinois? (Illinois Times) -Download PDF
01.18.12 Bill Bartmann Discusses Bringing Jobs to Nevada


01.18.12 Thousands of Jobs Headed to Nevada (KTVN News) -Watch Video
01.16.12 Regulation Chief Wants Law to Deter Jailing of Debtors (Chicago Daily Law Bulletin) -Download PDF
01.13.12 Savings Game | Cardholders, know your rights (Silo Breaker) -Read Article
01.13.12 Savings Game | Cardholders, know your rights ( -Read Article
01.12.12 Expired debt coming back to haunt some through deceptive means (Creditor Weekly) -Read Article
01.11.12 Debtors' Prison Hearing (WSILTV) -Watch Video
01.10.12 Expired debt coming back to haunt some through deceptive means (Tribune Media Services) -Read Article
01.06.12 Watchdog head means 'new sheriff in town' ( -Read Article
01.06.12 Consumer Bureau Chief Begins Supervision of Payday Lenders (Loan Safe) -Read Article
01.05.12 Consumer bureau chief begins supervision of payday lenders (Los Angeles Times) -Read Article (This Article was nationally syndicated and appeared in numerous major newspapers and media sources)
01.05.12 Consumer bureau chief begins supervision of payday lenders (News Observer) -Read Article
12.20.11 Debt collector gives insights for holiday shoppers (Denver Post) -Read Article
12.16.11 3 Debt Tips from a Debt Collector (Young Money) -Read Article
11.04.11 CFS joins state job program, predicts major expansion (Tulsa World) -Read Article
10.18.11 The Cure for the Economy's Ills: Higher Rates? (Fox Business) -Read Article
10.14.11 Bill Bartmann's Firm Announces Nationwide Expansion (Inside Arm) -Read Article
09.27.11 Debt Collectors to America's Rescue (CNN Money) -Read Article
09.23.11 Economy: Debt collection is the new growth industry (Los Angeles Times) -Read Article
09.06.11 Dealing With Debt Collector 9/6/11 (First Business) -Watch Video
08.12.11 U.S. Banks Getting Big Inflow of Deposits, But Savers, Investors in for Disappointment (ABC News) -Read Article
03.11.11 Will Insider Charges Make CEOs More Tight Lipped? (Fox Business) -Read Article
02.24.11 Bill Bartmann on Wall Street Journal Radio's Your Money Matters -Listen to Podcast
02.18.11 How to spot debt-collection scams (MarketWatch) -Read Article
01.18.11 U.S. Consumer Agency Gears Up for New Supervision of Non-Banks (Bloomberg) -Download PDF
01.01.11 BOUNCING BACK FROM A BILLION DOLLAR COLLAPSE Lessons Learned from the First Commercial Financial Services (Ethisphere) -Download PDF
12.19.10 When debt collectors go after the wrong person (Los Angeles Times) -Read Article
11.03.10 After the Midterms: Federal Reserve Pumps $600 Billion Into Economy (ABC News) -Read Article
10.28.10 Bill Bartmann discusses the politics of the foreclosure crisis on CNBC The Call


10.04.10 Reuters Summit-Distressed investors look for bargains at banks (Forex Yard) -Read Article
09.29.10 Treaty Oak Bank sold to Fort Worth bank (Austin Business Journal) -Read Article
09.15.10 Haven Trust Bank in Ponte Vedra Beach on state's 'troubled' list (The Florida Times Union) -Read Article
09.10.10 The 10 most troubled banks in Florida (Fort Myers Beach Talk) -Read Article
09.03.10 Does Bernanke Need to Babysit Congress? (FOX Business) -Read Article
09.03.10 Report: Treaty Oak Bank troubled (Autin Business Journal) -Read Article
09.01.10 Seacoast National Bank getting healthier thanks to stock sales and residential lending ( -Read Article
09.01.10 How Bill Bartmann Lost It All and Got It Back (INC.) -Read Article
09.01.10 Bartmann lists local bank as one of its ‘10 most troubled’ in Texas (The Woodlands Villager) -Read Article

Bill Bartmann Talking Bank Failures on CNBC's Kudlow Report


08.31.10 Cicero, Western Springs banks on troubled list (My Suburban Life) -Read Article
08.31.10 Picking The Next Banks To Fail (Forbes) -Read Article
08.30.10 Chillicothe bank on federal 'troubled' list ( -Read Article
08.30.10 It pays to be a savvy bank customer (Bradenton Herald) -Read Article
08.27.10 Western Springs bank on 10 most troubled list (Pioneer Press) -Read Article
08.26.10 Two Fox Valley banks on 'state's most troubled' list (Fox Valley Villages Sun)
-Read Article
08.26.10 Financial newsletter: Some local banks could be in trouble (Daily Herald) -Read Article
08.25.10 Streator bank lands on list of most at risk (Pantagraph) -Read Article
08.25.10 CEO: DuPage Credit Union not failing (Fox Valley Villages Sun) -Read Article
08.25.10 The flip side of tax caps — tax rates rise when assessments drop (Rockford Registar Star) -Read Blog
08.24.10 Bartmann lists Top 10 troubled Florida banks (South Florida Sun Sentinal) -Read Article
08.24.10 More Bank Failures Are Coming (Zenvesting: Forbes Blogs) -Read Blog
08.24.10 THE TEN MOST TROUBLED BANKS IN TEXAS (The Cypress Times) -Read Article
08.20.10 A Glut of Hiring Alternatives: Instead of bringing on full-time talent, small employers are increasingly using temporary workers based in the U.S. and overseas (Bloomberg Business Week) -Read Article
08.17.10 The worst bet in real estate today: Construction loans (USA Today) -Read Article
07.21.10 Should Warren be Tapped to Lead a Consumer Agency? (FOX Business)
-Read Article
07.19.10 How to Get a Small Biz Loan ( -Read Article

Bill Bartmann discusses the FDIC's meeting about the cost of bank failures


06.17.10 Put Europe’s Banks to the Test (Business Week) -Read Article
06.11.10 Architect of debt-collection empire that crashed and burned is back -- with a new business that teaches others to buy delinquent loans (Bailout Sleuth) -Read Article
06.02.10 The Small Business Professor: Small businesses may benefit from new fund (Scripps Howard News Service) -Download PDF
05.27.10 Record-low rates fall again ( -Read Article
05.25.10 Economic and Financial Update (Voice of America) -Read PDF

Bill Bartmann talks with Kevin Price on the Price of Business (CNN650 Radio)
-Listen to Podcast

05.12.10 Get Your Business on the Fast Track (The Street) -Read Article
05.11.10 Bill Bartmann on the Dow Jones plunge and debt concerns in Europe (FOX News Radio) -Listen to Podcast
04.04.10 Coming Soon: More Debt Collectors (The Street: Main Street) -Read Article
04.28.10 Who is Fabrice 'Fabulous Fab' Tourre? (The Week) -Read Article
04.21.10 Goldman Sachs' Fabrice 'Fabulous Fab' Tourre: Wall Street's Fall Guy? (ABC News)
-Read Article and Watch Video
04.16.10 SEC Charges Goldman Sachs With Fraud Costing Investors $1 Billion (ABC News) -Watch Video
04.13.10 Bill Bartmann discusses the FDIC loan auctions


04.13.10 Bill Bartmann talks with Matthew Cherry on Bad Debt (CNN Radio News) -Listen to Podcast
04.08.10 Should Hedge Funds Be Able to Take Over Failed Banks? (
-Read Article and Watch Video
04.05.10 Health Care Reform: Small Business Winners and Losers (AOL Small Business)
-Read Article
02.16.10 Bill Bartmann talks small business growth on FOX News


02.16.10 Bill Bartmann shares 9 Steps to Achieving Any Goal on ABC News


02.12.10 Make the Most of Bad News (MSNBC) -Read Article
02.04.10 Washington Struggles to Prove ... What Didn't Happen (FOX Business) -Read Article
01.10.10 A Long Shadow Over Small Banks (Business Week) -Read Article

Bill Bartman on FOX News discussing tips for getting out of credit card debt quickly


12.18.09 Bill Bartmann on FOX Business discusses FDIC Survival


12.18.09 The FDIC Is the Key to Bank Reform (Business Week) -Read Article
12.17.09 The TARP Gets Pulled (Forbes) -Read Article
12.06.09 No Escape From TARP for U.S. Banks Choking on Real Estate Loans (BloomBerg) -Read Article
11.06.09 on the CIT bankruptcy filing (FOX News Radio) -Listen to Podcast
10.27.09 A Bank Stock that Stayed Out of Harm's Way (Barron's) -Download PDF
10.27.09 Banks: Winners And Losers (Forbes) -Read Article
10.08.09 Bill Bartmann on Corporate Strategies -Listen to Podcast
09.09.09 Bill Bartmann on Bloomberg TV -Download Video
09.04.09 The Next Hot Management Tool: A Paper Napkin
Simplify the essence of what your business is and where it's going. (MSNBC)
-Read Article
08.27.09 Bill Bartmann on KOGO in San Diego. STIMULUS CHECKS FOR CONVICTS
-Listen to Podcast
08.21.09 Demystifying the Bank Closure Process (FOX Business) -Read Article
08.11.09 How to Be Indicted on 57 Felony Counts Without Even Trying (Forbes CEO Network)
-Download PDF
08.07.09 If It's So Good, Why Offer it to Me? (Entrepreneur) -Read Article

Bill Bartmann on LIVE


07.13.09 Bill Bartmann on CNN Radio -Listen to Podcast
07.08.09 Bill Bartmann on Countdown to the Closing Bell with Host Liz


06.30.09 Psst! Wanna own a bit of a failed bank? (CNN Money) -Read Article
06.26.09 Reinventing Bill Bartmann (Tulsa People) -Read Article
06.26.09 Bailout Riches!: How Everyday Investors Can Make a Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar (RapidShare E-Books) -Read Article
06.19.09 Bill Bartmann on FOX Business Morning with Host Jenna Lee


06.10.09 Bill Bartmann on FOX New Strategy Room -Watch Video
06.10.09 Making Money During the Current Economic Crisis (Bloomberg) -Watch Video
06.04.09 ‘Bailout Riches’ #1 on Amazon (Earlyword) -Read Article
06.02.09 Bailout Riches!: How Everyday Investors Can Make a Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar (Outcoming Thinking) -Read Article
06.02.09 Bailout Riches!: How Everyday Investors Can Make a Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar (Greg Writer's Blog) -Read Article
06.01.09 Bailout Riches!: How Everyday Investors Can Make a Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar (Loans Information) -Read Article
05.26.09 Bailout Riches! How Everyday Investors Can Make a Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar, by Bill Bartmann (Reuters) -Read Article
05.26.09 BAILOUT RICHES!: How Everyday Investors Can Make a Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar (PRSafe Newswire) -Read Article
05.13.09 It's A PPIP-Squeak (Forbes) -Read Article
05.05.09 Bailout Riches (First Business) -Watch Video
04.23.09 Bill Bartmann on FOX News talking about how a weak economy can jumpstart a business Watch Video
04.22.09 Bill Bartmann Discussing the Profit Potential in Iinvesting in Toxic Assets on Dateline Washngton -Listen to Podcast
04.21.09 How to Evaluate a Distribution Deal (Business Week) -Read Article
04.12.09 Treasury Seeks More Partners for Bad Asset Program (FOX News) -Watch Video
04.04.09 The Banking Crisis of the 1980's: Lessons Learned (FOX News) -Watch Video
04.03.09 Veteran of U.S. S&L crisis sees gold in toxic assets (Reuters UK) -Read Article
04.01.09 Ex-CFS leader Bartmann creating fund to invest in toxic assets (Tulsa World)
-Read Article
03.31.09 Bill Bartmann Discussing the Profit Potential in Iinvesting in Toxic Assets on NPR's Market Place -Listen to Segment
03.30.09 Bill Bartmann talking about Debt Collectors on FOX News -Watch Video
03.27.09 Taking advantage of opportunities to buy bad loans (FOX Business) -Watch Video
03.06.09 Bill Bartmann Discusses Sleazy Tactics Debt Collectors Use (FOX News) -Watch Video
03.03.09 Bill Bartmann discussing the Market and Bank Failures on WHLO Radio
-Listen to Podcast
03.03.09 Bill Bartmann discussing his upcoming book "Bailout Riches" on WOAI Radio
-Listen to Podcast
03.03.09 Bill Bartmann discussing the Market and Bank Failures on WRVA Radio
-Listen to Podcast
03.01.09 Build a Billion-Dollar Business: It starts with strategic thinking and thoughtful growth. Here's an inside look at how two successful businesses went from zero to $1 billion. (Entrepreneur) -Read Article
02.27.09 How to get paid on time (ABC Action News-Tampa, FL) -Read Article
02.25.09 Lack of credit hurts small businesses (Miami Herald) -Read Article
02.25.09 Bill Bartmann discusses the Treasury Stress Test on Banks to Decide TARP Needs (FOX Business- Neil Cavuto) -Watch Video
02.25.09 Bill Bartmann on CNBC Discussing Markets and the Banking Crisis -Watch Video
02.05.09 Small Firms Talk About Adapting to Survive (Kiplinger Business Resource Center)
-Read Article
02.03.09 Bill Bartmann on talking about how to write a business plan
-Listen to Podcast
02.03.09 MainStreet Explains: Nationalizing Banks ( -Read Article
02.01.09 How to Get Paid During Hard Economic Times (New York Enterprise Magazine)
-Download PDF
01.30.09 Bill Bartmann on the New Bank Bailout (FOX Business) -View Video
01.22.09 As Bad Debt Continues to Rise, the Country's Foremost Authority on Debt Collection, Bill Bartmann, is Back - Read Release
01.19.09 Small Businesses Cut Costs by Renegotiation (The Wall Street Journal) -Read Article
01.12.09 Respect is key to boosting employee morale (L.A. Times) -Read Article
12.31.08 Bill Bartman on Wall Street Journal This Morning -Listen to Podcast
12.23.09 Bill Bartmann on the Ms CEO Show talking about how your business can thrive in troubled economic times -Listen to Podcast
12.12.08 Billionaire Secrets to Success (Danielle Lin Show) -Listen to Podcast
12.01.08 Starting Up: Lessening the Blow of Bankruptcy (sm SmallBiz) -Read Article
12.01.09 Selling In a Buyers Market (MY Business) -Download PDF
11.24.08 Taking a hard look at fixed costs (L.A. Times) -Read Article
11.21.08 Bill Bartmann with Sheryl Parks, host of KNUU-AM Sparks to Flame -Listen to Podcast
11.16.08 Bring on U.S. Economic Stimulus Package, Part II (Business Week) -Read Article
11.01.08 Bouncing Back (Air Tran Magazine) -Read Article
11.01.08 Bouncing Back (Go In Business) Download PDF
10.22.08 Bill Bartmann on the possible second stimulus package (FOX Business) -Watch Video
10.09.08 Quick Tips: 8 Ways to Get Customers to Pay (SM Small Biz) -Read Article
10.08.08 How to Become a Billionaire (An Entrepreneur's Life) -Read Article
10.01.08 The Greatest Risks They Ever Took (Forbes) -Read Article
10.01.08 In Pictures: The Greatest Risk Of All, Bill Bartmann (Forbes) -View Slide
09.29.08 Bill Bartmann talks with Neil Cavuto about the failure of the House of Representatives to pass the financial bailout bill, and buying distressed assets -Watch Video
09.17.08 How to land a bank loan ( -Read Article
09.12.08 Bill Bartmann discuses Lehman Brother's sale on FOX Business -Watch Video
08.29.08 Bill Bartmann on 'Sound Investing' Radio Program -Listen to Podcast
08.22.08 Oil: To Drill or Not to Drill? An environmentalist and an oilman spar (Business Week)
-Listen to Podcast
08.19.08 Rags to Riches and Beyond (Good Morning America Now) -Watch Video
08.18.08 Business Owners: Learn to Tough it Out in a Bad Economy (Entrepreneur Blog))
-Read Blog
08.12.08 How to obtain a loan in a credit crunch ( Wall Street Journal Radio) -Listen to PodCast
07.21.08 How Small Business Owners Can Get Paid During Tough Economic Times (U.S. News and World Report) -Download PDF
07.18.08 Bill Bartmann on Cavuto -View Video
07.15.08 How Small Business Owners Can Stay Cost Efficient with Everyday Operating Costs on the Rise (Wall Street Journal Radio) -Listen to Podcast
06.25.08 Rumors of Recession Being Worst of Times Greatly Exaggerated (Inside Business) -Download PDF
06.16.08 Building a winning team ( -Read Article
06.01.08 New Outsourcing Hotspots (Executive Decision) -Download PDF
05.12.08 6 Ways Firms Can Solve Collection Problems (U.S. News and World Report)
-Read Article
05.07.08 Penny Pincher: Rocky finances require good communication (Omaha World Dispatch) -Read Article
04.24.08 Bill Bartmann on CNBC's Big Ideas with Donnie Deutsch - View Video
04.22.08 Starting a new business during a recession - Good Idea!?
Barry Moltz, author of "Bounce" and business expert Bill Bartmann explain (First Business) -Watch Video
04.11.08 When Bad news is Good news (Forbes) -Read Article
04.08.08 Tips consumers/entrepreneurs should take to start a business during the recession. (Wall Street Journal Radio Network) - Listen to PodCast
03.19.08 Judging from the current state of the economy, with fears of a recession reigning supreme, now may not seem like the ideal time to start a new business. (Fox Business) -Read Transcript
03.17.08 RUMORS OF THE RECESSION BEING THE “WORST OF TIMES” ARE GREATLY EXAGGERATED Self-made Billionaire Bill Bartmann Says: It’s Actually the BEST OF TIMES…for Entrepreneurs to Start a New Business - Read Release


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